Marin Institute Releases New Alcohol Tax Calculator Tool

Read about and link to the new tool developed by the Marin Institute designed to assist states in raising revenue through alcohol taxation.

Online Feature Helps States Charge for Harm to Raise Revenue

Marin Institute has released the country’s first online alcohol tax and fee calculator to assist lawmakers looking for new revenue. The user-friendly tool is available at

The powerful program works for every state, as well as nationally and the District of Columbia. You just enter the amount of new tax (nickel or dime a drink, for example) for beer, wine or spirits (or any combination). Then the program instantly estimates additional annual revenues, based on a variety of factors specific to that particular jurisdiction.

Marin Institute developed the tool in response to inquiries from states looking for new revenues sources while holding Big Alcohol accountable for the enormous harm its products cause. Many states have not raised alcohol taxes or fees in decades. States with pending legislation to raise alcohol taxes or fees include: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Hawaii.

Visit the Tax / Fee Revenue Calculator on Marin Institute’s website to quickly estimate how much your state can raise in new alcohol taxes and fees.