Does Coca Cola Mislead Consumers?

A nutrition expert at Health Canada, that nation’s health ministry, has charged that Coca-Cola Company misleads consumers into thinking its Vitaminwater line of drinks is a healthy beverage option.

“I find calling these products ‘waters’ is misleading,” said the official, “given that they have sugars added to them. Perhaps the word ‘waters’ could be put in quotes.” Vitaminwater contains 32 grams of sugar per 20-ounce bottle. Earlier this year, Canadian law firms in Calgary and Vancouver filed class action lawsuits against Coca Cola for misleading advertising of Vitaminwater. In January 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority, the ad regulatory agency in the United Kingdom, said Coca-Cola broke ad rules when its ads described its popular line of flavored water products as “delicious and nutritious.” The Authority ordered Coke to stop making that claim.