Corporate Accountability International Call for Review of Conflicts of Interest at UN Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases

Corporate Accountability International, a global non-governmental organization, has called for closer monitoring of corporate conflicts of interest at the UN High Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases. “If we are to reverse the staggering rates of preventable illness and death, the WHO and UN must safeguard public health policy from conflicts of interest,” said Gigi Kellett, a campaign director with Corporate Accountability International. “A fox guarding a hen house is a fox guarding a hen house. The global community has removed the tobacco industry’s seat from the tobacco control table due to its history of interference in policy. It’s time we hold other industries contributing to or profiting from today’s public health epidemics similarly accountable.” The group’s call was based in part on a recent report by the United Nations Joint Inspection Panel that recommended closer scrutiny of corporate involvement in the Global Compact, an agreement that brings corporations into UN work.