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Drug Price Spikes

After winning FDA approval for exclusive rights to sell Makena, a drug that prevents preterm labor, reported Associated Press, KV Pharmaceutical raised the price from $10 to 20 per injection to $1,500. About 130,000 women a year are estimated to benefit from the drug but many state Medicaid programs are unable to afford the higher price.

No Right to Privacy for Corporations

In a decision that could help public health researchers and activists gain access to corporate information, the Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled unanimously that corporations have no personal privacy rights for purposes of the Freedom of Information Act. The decision overturned a United States Court of Appeals that had ruled for the company, saying that “corporations, like human beings, face public embarrassment, harassment and stigma”.

New Report on US Trade Policy and Food Security

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has released a new report analyzing how US trade policy can better respond to global climate and food crises and documenting the role of agribusiness in setting trade policies that benefit their bottom lines rather than global well-being.